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Failt erriu! - Welcome!

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Mannin Seyr

Encouraging the youth of the Isle 

of Mann to actively support and

 participate in the history, culture

and Language of our beautiful



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Mannin Seyr's classification of 'Manx' is a Manx resident, so what ever that is by Manx law (and it's quite complicated), Mannin Seyr shall go along with.
Mannin Seyr is NOT a political party, we are an awareness group.
But our idea's are left-winged.


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(Above) A video of a version of the Manx National Song, sung by the Bee Gee's.


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Mannin Seyr

Mannin Seyr is not a political party, we work with, (backing and supporting) other Independence groups on the Island. Working as a catalyst between them and our members (we now have over 1040 members!) and performing other roles when and where we are needed (Mostly charity work).

This is to ensure all Manx Republicans (and their supporters) are united.

Our aims are the following-

  • For the promotion of prosperity, health and happiness for all the residents of the Isle Of Mann.
  • Promoting greater commitment to Manx Gaelic language and history in schools, colleges and youth groups.
  • Upholding and protecting things of historical importance.
  • To educate people in the Isle of Mann, Ireland and Scotland in the commonality of our language, history and culture.
  • To promote and teach the rich history of the Isle of Mann, it's culture and language by making courses freely available to people of all ages. 
  • Encouraging all youth in the Isle of Mann to actively support and participate in the history, culture and Language of our beautiful Island.
  • Most people living in the Isle of Mann say they feel safe, our children play in the streets, our elderly feel safe walking the streets, alone at night and our crime rate is very low, we believe this is helped by the zero tolerance approach to crime exercised by the Isle of Mann police. We would like to see these trends continue.
  • To promote Independence for the Isle of Mann.

Our members have also voted for the following-

  • We want to have an elected (by Manx Residents) Governor (Kiannoort) who would be our head of state.

  • We want a Manx regiment for our boys away fighting, controlled by Manx Residents so we have more control over keeping them safe. (Same as what they had during World War 2).

  • We want to keep most things as they are but we are wanting to be slightly more socialist, (more corporation housing, free schools, Free medical treatment for everyone, nationalized (rather than privatised) hospitals and other health-care institutions, Free dentists for everyone.

  • We think we should have a national referendum like they have in Ireland so we are able to choose our own outcomes to difficult problems.

Our promise

  • Mannin Seyr is committed to a fully independent and self-governing Isle of Man through democratic means.
  • Mannin Seyr rejects the use of force, intimidation, violence or any illegal activities as a means of achieving our aims.
  • Mannin Seyr is committed to equality for all persons without discrimination of any kind. We are left-winged.

Why Independence?


No country should ever be reliant on another country, or at the whim and mercy of another country! If they decide to put the tax up once, a line has been crossed now, and they can do it again and again, we need to stand on our own two feet and be responsible for making our own way in the world, as every country should. We shouldn't be a ''British Dependency''.

Ellan Vannin (the Isle of Man) claims over 1000 years of self-government, our Government runs our Island effectively and they have stood the test of time. Our police do a fantastic job and crime rate is very low.

We are perfectly capable of standing as a republic in our own right.


Mannin Seyr accepts everyone who shares our views.


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The Manx flags flying on Douglas (Doolish) Promenade


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