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Why Independence?


No country should ever be reliant on another country, or at the whim and mercy of another country! If they decide to put the tax up once, a line has been crossed now, and they can do it again and again, we need to stand on our own two feet and be responsible for making our own way in the world, as every country should. We shouldn't be a ''British Dependency'' any longer.

Ellan Vannin (the Isle of Man) claims over 1000 years of self-government, our Government runs our Island effectively and they have stood the test of time. Our police do a fantastic job and crime rate is very low.

We are perfectly capable of standing as a republic in our own right.


We accept everyone who supports this cause regardless of religion, race or gender. We are all inclusive we welcome all!


Membership is open to all persons regardless of gender, creed, race, disability, colour, or political learnings (as long as they support our aims)

Honorary Membership may be given to groups that support the cause of Independence for the Isle of Mann and other Celtic Nations, or have done service for the Manx Nation.

Youth Membership

We wish to encourage Youth Membership which is defined as those under the age of 16 years. This is their Island too.

The Youth Group shall have the same structure as the Adult Group.

The Youth Group may hold meetings and bring things to the main Group for consideration.

Members of the Youth Group may speak at Mannin Seyr meetings and put their input forward.

*Parental permission is required before joining.

Mannin Seyr group Rules

Members agree to follow the Rules (which may be subject to change) at all times. Members who fail to do so will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in their temporary suspension or expulsion if found guilty.

  • Members are expected to pay all membership fees, if this is not done then the party reserves the right to cancel the membership.
  • Members must not make any remark about other members of a defamatory, sexual, prejudicial, racist, or discriminatory nature, either verbally, or by any other means. Members doing so will be dismissed as soon as this is brought to the attention of the Chair.
  •  Mannin Seyr rejects the use of force, intimidation, violence or any illegal activities as a means of achieving our aims.


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