Everyone- Get together and learn Manx Gaelic!!

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Tasht-fockle (Vocabulary)

  • Moghrey mie - Good morning
  • Fastyr mie - Good afternoon, Good evening
  • Bannaghtyn - Greetings, blessings
  • Hello - Hello
  • Hai - Hi
  • Slane - Goodbye
  • Bai - Bye
  • Oie vie - Good Night
  • Kys t'ou? - How are you?
  • Ta mee braew - I'm doing well
  • Feer vie - I'm fine
  • Gura mie ayd - Thank you
  • As oo hene? - And yourself?
  • Cre'n ennym t'ort? - What's your name?
  • Quoi uss? - Who are you?
  • Ta'n ennym orrym ... - My name is ...
  • Mish ... - I am ...
  • Gaelg - Manx Gaelic
  • Baarle - English (language)
  • Failt erriu - Welcome
  • Ellan Vannin - Isle of Man
  • Doolish - Douglas (the capital of the Isle of Man)
  • Lunnin - London

Website you may find useful, just type in English word you wish to translate and press the return button on your keyboard-


If you teach Manx or know of any classes going on, send us time and dates and we will list them on this page, and on our facebook group.

Mannin Seyr!

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Fun Facts!

Not many people actualy know this, but some people use Manx phrases in their English conversations. Although now it is mostly heard amongst the older Manx community. For example, someone may complain to me that their radiator has gone Polt (exploded). People often don’t realise that it is Manx terms they are using. Here are a few others you might be familiar with:

Spittag = Sharp tongue woman or Robin
Sleetch = Slippery person
Mollag = Dog skin or float
Gobbag = Dog fish or inhabitant of Peel!
Toot = Fool
Yessir = you
Jeeill = damage

There are of course many more than these (traa dy liooar, for example) whilst you should remember that phrases such as ‘there’s a fine day in’; ‘I am hearing that’; ‘We’ll put a sight on him’; ‘there was a house at him’ all come from Manx Gaelic idiom! 

Join Mannin Seyr (contact us page) today and play YOUR part in keeping the Manx spirit ALIVE! 

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For more information about Manx Gaelic contact Adrian Cain at:
Phone- 01624 838527
PO Box 17, Port st Mary,
Isle of Man. IM99 7QJ.

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