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Saint Maughold

The Isle of Man has no patron saint and the debate goes on. We have chosen St Maughold as he was a criminal washed up on our shores who turned to Christianity.

He established the early monastery at Maughold. His staff was probably carried at Tynwald and and is mentioned in the chronicles of man associated with a miracle.

By Kelly Corlett.

As it happens I have been reading up on St Maughold -
The story is thus:

  • "Maughold or Macguil appears to have been a wild irish chieftain who designed to murder St Patrick. The Saint however filled Maughold with awe by exercising a miracle, and restoring to life one of his band of ruffian followers. This deed, more marvellous than useful, converted Maughold on the spot to the Christian faith, and he offered to do any penance St Patrick thought fit to impose.
  • The saint having considered awhile, bade the penitent to repair to the seashore, and there, entering a little coracle, have his hands and feet bound, and then let himself drift over the trackless waters till they should bring him to land once more; and so he was brought to the foot of the rocks eastward of the Isle of Man. 
  • Here he was welcomed by the Christian missionaries whom St Patrick had left in charge of the island; and after a long life spent in pious prayers and deeds and many austerities, and in his turn, miracles, he died, and was buried in the church which afterwards bore is canonised name and stood in the midst of the city which he had founded on that rock.
  • In my opinion, a good a reason as any to make him the Patron Saint of the Isle of Man; again evidence that God really does work in mysterious ways!
  • I actually like the Wiki version (I think that is where I got it from?) of St Maughold's events better (which also goes along the same storyline as above, but with this bit added):
  • Earlier Patrick had sent his nephew, Saint Germanus, as bishop to plant the Church on the island. Germanus was succeeded by Saints Romulus and Conindrus during whose time Maughold arrived on the island and began to live an austere, penitential life in the mountainous area now named after him Saint Maughold. After their deaths, Maughold was unanimously chosen as bishop by the Manks.
  • This is an idea that Mannin Seyr will be persuing. Simply because every Celtic nation has their paitron saint, not as a relligous thing, but as a National Emblem.
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